About Us

Learning Languages | Connecting Cultures


To consistently provide high quality and engaging intercultural language learning programs that will enable our students to participate fully as local and global citizens. We aim to be a valued part of the schools and communities in which we teach, and to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence.


Student Centred Teaching and Learning: To use student centred teaching and learning strategies that provide a positive learning experience, build confidence and enable all students to reach their full potential in language learning.

Strong advocacy: Both locally and nationally, for the importance of language learning as members of a multilingual and multicultural society in an increasingly globalised world.

A collegial, collaborative work environment: To support staff wellbeing and teacher collaboration and provide professional development opportunities that enable teachers at ASLC to best able to meet the needs of our students in a constantly changing world.


Improve employment pathways: Through provision of accredited VET Certificate II & III in Applied Language with language industry workplace visits.

To strengthen, develop and maintain Aboriginal languages: We will provide engaging Aboriginal language programs in consultation with linguistic and local Aboriginal leadership.

To promote engagement with Asia & Europe: Through delivery of high quality intercultural Asian and European language programs.

Engage the local community: To meet demand for second language learning by providing community evening classes.

Consolidate and increase intercultural knowledge, understanding and language skills: By providing the opportunity to participate in overseas and local study tours.

Our Team

Susan Moore | Principal

Brenda Austen | Assistant Principal | Japanese Teacher

Jacinta Barbieri | Administration Officer

Jannette McCormack | Arrernte Teacher

Crystal-Rose Furber-Swan | Arrernte Language Educator

David Moore | Linguist

Zelingxiu Chen | Chinese Teacher

Yufang Qiu | Chinese Teacher

Kiyo Goble | Japanese Educator

Daniela Bravo | Spanish Teacher