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Study Tours

The Alice Springs Language Centre encourages and supports language students to participate in overseas study tours. The in-country experience is very valuable as it enriches language learning, encourages social interaction between cultures and gives students a greater appreciation of the target language and culture and of course the food is glorious!

Due to the current global pandemic, all study tours have been cancelled until further notice. 


To be eligible to participate in a study tour with the Alice Springs Language Centre, students must:

  • Be in Year 9, 10, 11 or 12. Limited spaces are available for Year 9 students
  • Be studying the language of the country to visited in the year in which the tour will take place
  • Be enrolled in a government school in the year in which the tour will take place
  • Complete the selection process which may include an application form and interview
  • Have a high level of school attendance
  • Have no major behavioural issues
  • Must attend all pre-departure meetings



NT Department of Education Excursion Policy


Japan 2020 

  • Depart Alice Springs mid-July 2020
  • 14 day itinerary
  • Travel to Tokyo, Takayama, Hiroshima & Ayabe
  • Includes 3 days of school lessons and homestays
  • Inclusions: flights, accommodation, transport, entry fees and all main meals
  • Approximate cost: $3800

All details above are approximates only and do not include the costs of visas, insurance or passports. Costs and itinerary will vary. 

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